AIMA Canada en collaboration avec CFA Montréal et IFSID, organise l’événement

Challenges ahead for the institutional investing community

Conférence, Mardi 27 juin 2017

Club Saint James
1145 Avenue Union
Montréal (Québec)


Politics & Investing: From Risk To Fundamental Strategy

Mario Therrien (Senior Vice-President, External Portfolio Management – Public Markets, CDPQ)

Marko Papic (Chief Geopolitical Strategy BCA)

     Global risks & evolution of populist and its consequences/impact on global investment climate

Yanick Desnoyers (Deputy Chief Economist, CDPQ)

Pablo Calderini (CIO, Graham Capital – A Global Macro manager)

     All weather investing in the volatile Trump Era ?

Chen Zhao (Former Co-Head of Macro Research, Brandywine Global Investment Management)

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