Organized by AIMA Canada in collaboration with CFA Montréal and IFSID Institute

Challenges ahead for the institutional investing community

A luncheon event, Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Club Saint James
1145 Avenue Union
Montréal (Québec)

Background:  Majors trends & developing events

On June 27, several of these themes will be up for reassessment:

  • Trump will have completed his first 100 days;
  • French presidential and legislative elections will be over;
  • German election season will be in full swing;
  • President Trump will come to Europe for G7 summit;
  • Relations between China and the new U.S. administration will have greater clarity;
  • Brexit negotiations will begin in May.

Given the above – what will the world look like on June 27, 2017 ?    Implications for the investment community

  • Asset Allocation Strategies in a world of paradigm shifts
  • All weather strategies? Long term vs short term
  • If politics is here to stay as an investment methodology, what should investors do?


Politics & Investing: From Risk To Fundamental Strategy

Mario Therrien (Senior Vice-President, External Portfolio Management – Public Markets, CDPQ)

Marko Papic (Chief Geopolitical Strategy BCA)

     Global risks & evolution of populist and its consequences/impact on global investment climate

Yanick Desnoyers (Deputy Chief Economist, CDPQ)

Pablo Calderini (CIO, Graham Capital – A Global Macro manager)

     All weather investing in the volatile Trump Era ?

Chen Zhao (Former Co-Head of Macro Research, Brandywine Global Investment Management)

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